Zaštita okoliša i ljudska prava

Trajanje projekta01.04.2020 – 30.11.2020
Izvori finansiranjaAmbasada Češke u Bosni i Hercegovini
(Czech Republic Transition Promotion Program)
Budžet projektaUkupni budžet: 250.000 CZK (18.500 KM)
Saradnici na projektuMirhunisa Bektaš
Ada Huskić
Ciljevi projekta1. Javna internet platforma za branitelje prava na zdrav okoliš u Bosni i Hercegovini
2. Uspostavljena i operativna mreža pojedinaca i organizacija sposobnih da koriste pravne mehanizme za zaštitu prava na zdrav okoliš
Opis projekta1. Identifikacija i prikupljanje pravnih mehanizama (zakoni, propisi, priručnici; lokalni, regionalni i međunarodni dokumenti)
2. Organizovanje okruglog stola o pravu na zdrav okoliš kao jednom od temeljnih ljudskih prava
3. Dizajniranje i objavljivanje internet platforme za branitelje prava na zdrav okoliš
Description of Transition Problem, Suggested Intervention and Project ResultsEnvironmental harm can violate many human rights, including rights to life, health, food, water, and housing. To protect the environment and the human rights that depend on it, everyone has the following rights:
1. To seek, receive, and impart environmental information,
2. To participate in public decision-making about environmental matters, and
3. To effective legal remedies for violations of these rights

Environmental situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is among the worst in the Europe. Limited environmental information available reveals exceeded limits of air, water and soil pollution. However, legal remedies to fight these problems are not effective enough, and general public has no awareness what legal mechanisms are at their disposal. There are only a few legal cases that are related to environmental issues, mostly litigation cases against environmental permits or environmental impact assesment studies. Internationally, only a few cases at the European Human Rights Tribunal were raised. The most recent is the case Cordera et al. against Italy, where citizens proved that their human rights were violated due to excessive pollution from the steelworks. We will build an online platform to support citizens to defend their environmental human rights, which will contain information citizens need to practice their environmental rights. 
The project should lead to the following results:
1. Public online platform for environmental human rights defenders in Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Established and operative network of individuals and organizations capable to use legal mechanisms to protect environmental human rights
Project activities1. Identification and collection of legal mechanisms (laws, regulations, manuals; local, regional and international documents)
We intend to use the established network of Aarhus centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Tuzla, Banja Luka and Zenica) to collect the relevant information. We will also use the rich experiences from the cooperation with Czech organisation Arnika 2014-2019, and organizations from other countries that we already cooperated in the past. We will choose a law expert through an open call, who will be engaged as a consultant for legal remedies and mechanisms.

2. Organizing a round table about environmental human rights

The roundtable will gather different stakeholders: environmental activists, individuals affected by the environmental pollution, environmental experts, lawyers, prosecutors, government officials, ombudsmen, international organisations representatives. The event will be organized in Zenica. The experiences shared by the participants and collected at the event will be used as a basis for the web platform to be created within the project.

3. Designing and publishing an online platform for environmental human rights defenders
A role model for the platform is the international web site The structure and the content should reflect the legal framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina, experiences collected, and available expertise. The web site will be created in local language, because the target audience is local, it will use an interactive platform, links to different social networks and it will be maintained by Eko forum Zenica, even after this project finishes.